Nundroo is located on the Eyre Highway 160 kilometres west of Ceduna and 347 kilometres east of the S.A./W.A Border.)

The Nundroo area was settled in the 1860s by pioneering sheep graziers. By the 1870s Nundroo station itself had been incorporated into the much larger Yalata and Fowler's Bay Sheep Runs which ran for several hundred kilometres in an East West direction along the Far West South Australian Coastline.

In those days Aboriginal Sheppard’s were frequently employed to tend the sheep stock. By the 1880s these vast sheep runs were broken up as the original pastoral land leases expired. The area was then opened up to more intensive farming practices including some wheat farming today the area still continiues with it’s tradition of sheep grazing and grain growing.

In the middle of the 1950's George Chick purchased land from the Fox Family and built the Nundroo Hotel Motel opening it on the 31st December 1957.
There is a memorial to George located in front of the complex.)

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